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Includes a Carnelian

Customization available (under Made to Order)


Aries and Carnelian

Aries is all about manifesting dreams

and desires and so is the vibrational qualities of orange Carnelian.

While the birthstone for April is traditionally Diamond,

Carnelian more accurately sets the tone for Arian energy

The carnelian has connection to three lower Chakras, the foundation of them all being

Root Chakra. This is the Chakra that keeps us grounded and in balance.

Inspires creativity and passion in an Aries


Made to order.

If you are wanting a different crystal included with your mink send me a message with your order info. Crystals that go well with Aries are pictured in chart above.


Ethically Sourced from Meeteetse and Cody Wyoming.

Aries Zodiac Mink/Ferret

SKU: 100

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