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Includes a Dalmatian Jasper

Customization available (under Made to Order)


Virgo and Dalmatian Jasper

The vibration of Dalmatian Jasper is aligned with the

energies of the Base or Root chakra. This chakra is responsible for

our feelings of material safety and security.

The energies of Dalmatian Jasper resonate

with the zodiac sign of Virgo, and it is a natural birthstone.

Virgo people tend to be perfectionists and can easily slip into a judgmental mode

when others do not meet their expectations.

This crystal can help to remind you that life does not have to be serious all of the time!

Inspires Creativity and Passion also Grounding


Made to order.

If you are wanting a different crystal included with your mink send me a message with your order info. Crystals that go well with Virgo are pictured in chart above.


Ethically Sourced from Meeteetse and Cody Wyoming.

Virgo Zodiac Mink/Ferret

SKU: 100

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